Typology: a system of dividing things into different types — Oxford Dictionary

A series of posters created by Browns to exhibit Invesco’s brand guidelines. [Source:]

- Original MTV logo 1981 -

The more components are defined, the more specified the identity becomes. But within these limitations, there is definitely room for more freedom. (Hughes, Drunen & Nes, 2012, p.07)

‘Modular, grids, structure, rational… heaven. The Swiss Style is: understandable, readable, rational, straightforward, no nonsense, clear, clean, functional, sensible, timeless, and, through its purity of purpose, beautiful.’ — Shaughnessy, A (2014)

At more than 40,800 years old, “this is currently Europe’s oldest dated art by at least 4,000 years,” Source:

Communication design has been inextricably linked with media technologies as they have evolved throughout history and as they continue to do so. What is the future of this relationship and what impact has technology had on the way we think and process information?

Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980)

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